As you plan your affair there are two important segments of the evening/afternoon
that must be considered. First, there is the ceremony if you are planning a wedding.
Secondly, there is the cocktail hour which is traditionally part of all affairs. Both parts of the event are usually accompanied by music,  which we can provide
you with the very best that Boston has to offer.

We can customize music for both ceremony & cocktails to accommodate your individual
preferences and tastes and we would be happy to help you with your choices both
in repertoire and instrumentation. Here are some examples of what is available to

    • Piano, flute, trumpet, and violin chamber ensemble’s
    • String duo’s, trio’s, and quartet’s
    • Brass duo’s, trio’s, and quartet’s
    • Harp with flute and/or other instrumentation’s
    • Vocal renderings
    • Klezmer groups
  • Solo piano – classical or jazz
  • Various jazz small groups including piano, saxophone, trumpet, bass, and drums
  • Various classical chamber groups including strings, woodwinds, and brass groups
  • Strolling strings
  • Klezmer groups
  • Steel Drum ensembles
  • Specialty Performers

Please let us know if we can help you secure entertainers for these important parts
of your party.

Why Does The Contract Say, “Ceremony 6-7 PM” When The Ceremony Doesn’t Start Until
6:30 PM?

The contract reflects the actual time-period for which the musician(s) are engaged.
Typically, a wedding ceremony that begins at say 6:00 PM will be preceded by approximately
a half hour of prelude music to entertain your guests as they arrive and are seated.

I’ve Booked The Band, Now What About The Ceremony & Cocktail Hour?

Wedding ceremonies & cocktail hours are generally handled as “incidentals” with
an addendum to the primary contract. Once the band has been secured we will send
a ceremony package containing a CD with available repertoire as well as suggestions
for your review. There are three pieces of music, which you will need to choose:
The bridal party processional, the bridal processional, and the recessional. Once
we have determined your musical selections, we can then recommend some instrumentation

Do I Get To Choose The Prelude Music?

Generally, the ensemble chooses the music. In any case, since you are a member of
the wedding party you will not hear the majority of the prelude music. As a rule,
we select from a broad range of prelude pieces in order to entertain your guests
with some musical variety.

Having said this, we are happy to honor requests.