Functions, Parties, Receptions — This band does it all!

There’s no need to settle for less than the best at your event. The unfortunate
norm for party bands is substandard; the Stardust Band, however, is the exception.
Whether for a corporate sales meeting, private party, or wedding reception, this
band rocks the house and charms the guests.

Stardust is, in essence, a “Super-Band,” formed by gathering some of the most talented
and experienced musicians in the entertainment industry and honed by over a decade
of active rotation. The band is in high demand and performs regularly at fine venues
and hotels throughout the country. Important distinctions about the Stardust Band

  • Stardust is exclusively comprised of full-time, professional musicians — no
    weekend warriors.
  • The band personnel does not change from engagement to engagement.
  • All band personnel are members of the Musicians Union.
  • Our references are impeccable; see for yourself.
We believe that the excitement level, dancing energy, and general feel of the party
is directly related to the skill and ability of the band and that the music should
be “recording quality.” We will compromise neither quality nor expertise.

STARDUST — Transforming your moment to magic.