The Raves

Dear Keith and the Stardust band,

Dear Keith and the Stardust band,
Finding the perfect wedding vendors was making wedding planning incredibly stressful, so I was thrilled when all of the following events unfolded perfectly in the midst of it all. At the point when I was choosing a band, having been at many weddings, I tried to recall if any bands stuck out in my head – and only one quickly came to mind from 5 years ago. I remembered and loved that “they” had everyone on the dance floor before we sat down to eat, so it was a party from the start! I sent an e-mail out to that girlfriend for “the band’s” name … That same day, I went into work and asked around. A very opinionated co-worker got really excited saying she had been at a wedding 2 weeks prior and that the band was “awesome” – “no one sat down the entire night!” She left a message for her friend to find out the band’s name … Later that same day when I asked a male co-worker about wedding bands, I was told “Stardust is my all-time favorite band?they’ve played at 4 weddings I’ve been to!” A few minutes later, my other co-worker’s girlfriend called back with the band’s name: “Stardust.” And by the end of the day my original e-mail out to my girlfriend was replied to: “Stardust – but they’re hard to get.” Wow – what a day that was! And to complete it, I was lucky enough that I was able to book you for our wedding day!

Thank you again SO much! Everyone was raving about your band the entire night! I heard things like, “See! I told you they were awesome! “….and, “The range they have is unbelievable – they can play everything from country to pop, and play it well!” … and, “They were SO professional when the power went out – they didn’t miss a beat, literally, and kept the party going!” and, “The power went out??! I thought the band was just doing a cool acoustic thing!” Personally, I loved how the situation was handled when the power went out – you knew I was getting nervous, but you kept me smiling, gave me the tambourine and got the crowd to chant and sing. It turned a potential disaster into a memorable part of the night!

We want to get married again – not just to exchange vows – but to hear your band again!


Dr. Marisa Kearney
Mr. Conor Kearney

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