The Raves

Dear Keith Kostick, Cecilia & Stardust,

Dear Keith Kostick, Cecilia & Stardust,
The Numbers are still coming in, and the dust is settling, but one thing is certain: you were a key part of the excitement and success of our 10th Annual Gala. We cannot express our thanks to you.

We’re happy to report success on all fronts. The evening was completely sold out and, in fact, we had a waiting list of nearly 30 people – something that has never happened in the 10-year history of our gala. We raised over $22,000 so that the Fine Arts Center can continue to support its programming, educational, and community access initiatives. And, once again, without you, we simply wouldn’t have done it!

We’ve heard nothing but glowing reports on your musicianship, your style, and your flexibility. I know it’s a rare band that can go from accompanying Marge Champion on the dance floor to accompanying President Bulger in a Beatles’ song, but you did both ? and made it look easy.

It’s always a pleasure to welcome you to western Mass. Thank you for all your work. I look forward to seeing – and hearing – you again!

Best regards,

Peggy Melozzi
For the Fine Arts Center – UMASS Amherst

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